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Hello, everybody!

The Sakura Tree cares about you and your children. ❤️ With our daily routine planner your life will be more organized and easier. Just simply download it for FREE!

We all know that children need consistency and effective daily routine. This help them to feel secure and to become more independent as well to boost positive discipline both at home and at school. 

Our Daily Routine Planner is very useful for home educators, parents and nursery teachers. It is a very detailed yet easy template to use. Just write down the daily meals and nap times, ticking the boxes that cover the other categories, such as the baby’s mood, activities and items that need to be restocked. It’s that simple! It is a very useful planner that will help you track your child’s routine and see how your little bundle of joy is growing up so fast over time. 

I hope you enjoy our templates

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Welcome to The Sakura Tree. I am so happy you’re here. ❤️ I am Ilaria, a holistic educator who loves children! As a life long learner, I am truly passionate about holistic education and Arts & Craft. Sharing my passions with you is my goal!

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