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About The Sakura Tree

The Sakura Tree is me: Ilaria!! I am an educator who loves children and I am passionate about pedagogy and holistic philosophies.

I was born in the beautiful region of Tuscany (Italy) and I have been living in London for several years. I became an educator where I was unable to give a real purpose to my life. Then, I realized what my vocation was in life: to serve children and work in holistic education.  I had worked as a teacher in international nursery schools, as well as a private tutor and home educator for multicultural families. Sincerely I have loved my various jobs, but I also recognize their limitations and difficulties, so I decided to deepen my understanding about holistic approaches to education, which I hope will be helpful to many people.

I define myself as cheerful, creative, and funny person 😀. It is my wish that you will also find many useful ideas related to holistic education and hands-on activities to do with your children in my blog.

Having a partner from Spain (Rodrigo 😊) has also provided me a close link with Spain. In addition, as we both have been living abroad for several years, we have realized how important it is to feel part of the global community. It has led us to believe that education is for everyone all over the globe, no matter the language, the race or the social status. Rodrigo has been supporting me so much. He came up with the idea of starting this blog as we are both sharing the importance of various holistic educational approaches.

Holistic Approach to Education
Holistic education is our passion 🌸 DIY kids projects + educational activities and many other creativities ideas.
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