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Penguin Christmas Craft for kids

Christmas is just around the corner!!! What better way to celebrate it than by making a Penguin Christmas Craft with your children! 🐧🎄 

Let’s start!


– A Penguin Christmas template (you can download a free printable template that I created here 🖨️)

– A paper plate

– Some black cardstock

– Some glue dots

– A glue stick

Googly eyes 🛒

– A small paint brush

– A pair of scissors

– A piece of Christmas ribbon

– Some cotton

– Some gold, round stickers

An orange EVA foam sheet 🛒

– A felt red wool ball / One red pom pom wool


1) Download our Christmas Penguin free printable template and print it out.

2) Cut out all the template pieces. Then trace your penguin’s body and hat onto the plate. The head, wings, and rectangular support should be traced on the black card stock, while the nose and the feet should be traced onto the orange Eva foam sheet. Finally, cut out all the pieces to create your Christmas Penguin.

Download, print, cut and trace

3) First glue the wings laterally to the penguin’s body using the glue stick. Then glue the head to the top of the plate head, and the feet to the bottom. Finally, glue on the googly eyes and the small red pom pom, which will be the Penguin’s nose.. You can use a brush to spread the glue more easily when doing this step.

Glue all the piaces to create the Penguin Christmas

4) Use the brush to spread some glue onto the bottom of the hat. Now you can start adding some cotton to create the brim of the hat. Firmly press the cotton onto the hat.Then attach the wool pom pom to the top of the penguin hat by using some glue dots. It’s time to glue your penguin hat to the top of the penguin face.

Attach the gold stickers to the penguin’s body 3

5) Attach the round gold stickers to the penguin’s body, as if they were coat buttons. Then, use the red ribbon to create a beautiful bow for the penguin’s neck. Your Christmas Penguin is ready!!

6) Finally, fold the black cardstock into four parts and glue the two edges in order to form a rectangle. Then glue the rectangle to the back of the cardstock where you glued the legs. Your Christmas Penguin will now be able to stand! 😉

Penguin Christmas Craft for Kids

Now it’s time to share you a beautiful Christmas playlist to keep you company while you enjoy the activity.

Christmas Songs For Kids – 12 Days Of Christmas

This Christmas penguin is very easy to create and will certainly spread Christmas joy in your house! It is the perfect craft for toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children. I am sure that they will love it!

I hope you had fun making our Christmas Penguin! 🐧 Please leave your comments here.

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