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What better idea for our children to learn about the winter season and the names of the polar animals, if not that of making a cool winter animals tray? 🐻‍❄️☃️

The wonderful thing about this activity is that it’s very flexible. You can use the materials that you like the most or that you already have at home, so there are literally endless options! Furthermore, this winter tray will provide the perfect opportunity for kids to learn about animals who live in very chilly climates.


– A tray

– Polystyrene to make the snow (but you can use any other material that you have on hand, such as baking soda, flour, white cotton etc.)

A book about polar animals 🛒

Polar animals like this one 🛒

– Some snowflakes

– A few pine cones

Silver pipe cleaners

– A natural wooden circle

– Polar animal craft projects that you have previously made with your children. (I made a paper plate polar bear and a snowy owl).


Well, to start off, decide which materials you want to use and then gather them. Explore your house with your child, in search of polar animals or books about winter, I am sure you will find a lot of stuff around ;-)! You can then make a few polar animal craft projects with your kids and add them to your winter tray. The results will be wonderful and your children will love them!

You can see where I found the instructions to make my paper plate polar bear and my snowy owl here. You can use the link below to make your polar animal craft projects. And remember, you don’t have to follow the instructions exactly, as written. Use your imagination and creativity, and above all, material that you already have at home.

That’s what I did and the results were still great!

To make the snowy owl, I followed the instructions of this nifty blog:


Snowy Owl Craft for Kids

To make the polar bear I followed these instructions found on this lovely blog:


Polar Bear Craft for Kids

This winter animals tray is a perfect winter activity for toddlers and preschoolers. I am sure they will love it! 😉

I hope this post has been helpful! Please leave your comments here. 

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Welcome to The Sakura Tree. I am so happy you’re here. ❤️ I am Ilaria, a holistic educator who loves children! As a life long learner, I am truly passionate about holistic education and Arts & Craft. Sharing my passions with you is my goal!

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