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Do you feel worried about finding the best educational toys and activities for your child? Don’t worry! I have got the solution for you. 

First of all, it’s important to respect the stage of development of the children to introduce the right materials and toys to avoid over stimulating or understimulating them. Many of the toys that you can find are either too noisy or full of bright lights and strong colours. Not only do they overwhelm children but they don’t really contribute anything to their correct development. 

It’s essential for a child to be actively engaged when learning something, as opposed to being passively observing while waiting to be entertained.  In addition, choose toys that are beautifully made so a love and sense of beauty can be learned, in the child’s early years of development. This will also instill an appreciation of order and a sense of curiosity will result. 

You should keep toys neatly on shelves avoiding toy boxes. You can also store toys inside a basket or a cotton bag. Your child should easily pick them up from a shelf or you can display them in front of your baby on a rug. 

In my blog you can always find educational toys that will help your little one to grow holistically. These activities and educational toys support the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, creative and cognitive development of the child. They also contribute to the holistic development of your child if the educator/parent/teacher is truly dedicated to their education. Furthermore it is essential that the caretaker see all of the child’s needs and achievements in order to create a quality and enabling environment, where he or she can feel supported and thus thrive.

Ultimately, care and learning are inseparable in the holistic approach, as is the importance of the child learning through play. 

Lastly, please, keep in mind that you don’t need to buy a lot of toys or expensive ones. It is better to have a few good educational toys, arranged in an orderly way on low shelves, that can be rotated every one to two weeks.

5 Educational toys for babies (6 months and up)

1) Sensory Balls 🛒

Sensory Soft Balls

Age group: 6 months – 18 months

Multi textured sensory soft and coloured balls.

These sensory balls can enhance your baby’s tactile and fine motor skill development and eye-hand coordination. They encourage sensory exploration, color & shape recognition and spatial perception. They are lightweight and easy for the baby to grasp and hold. 


2) Educational music instruments 🛒

Educational music instruments

Age group: 6 months – 2 years

Music toy set that includes: Xylophone, 2 Maracas, 2 Egg Shakers, Rainbow Bell Stick, 2 Finger Clappers, Tambourine, Drum Sticks, Wood Sounder, 2 Wrist Bells and a Triangle with a Striker. These musical toys (18 pieces in all) will help your baby to  learn the sounds and tones different instruments make and will enhance their musical creativity. Finger Clapper, Tambourine, Wood Sounder  and a Triangle with a Striker are more suitable for a toddler but you can play them for your babies. 

Listening to music is an important sensorial experience. The caretaker can sing nursery rhymes using the musical instruments together with the child. It has been shown that playing music is essential for the child to develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. By playing with musical instruments, your child will learn how to express themselves. As a consequence, they will develop both a higher intelligence and greater emotional understanding. There is a lot of educational value in learning through play.


3) Educational stacker toy 🛒

Educational stacker toy

Age group: 6 months – 2 years

This is a classic stacker toy that features eight smooth, easy-to-grasp wooden pieces that are stacked on a solid-wood rocking base. Your baby will start to explore the wooden pieces with his mouth and gradually become interested in inserting them or stacking them  on a solid-wood rocking base.

This toy is good for fine motor skills development, concentration and hand-eye coordination. It helps children build early shape, colour and size-differentiation skills.


4) Sensory cloth book 🛒 Sensory cloth book

Age group: 6 months – 18 months

It is an educational and sensory cloth book. Each page has adorable stimulating features to explore and learn, for the best sensory experience of your baby. The book includes peekaboo scenes, a funny mirror, crinkly paper and a built – in bell.


5) Different coloured scarves 🛒

Different coloured scarvesAge group: 6 months – 2 years

Multi-coloured juggling scarves in six bright colors (green, blue, red, orange, yellow, purple). Contains two pieces of each colour for a total of 12 pieces. Juggling Scarves are square shaped and approximately 60 x 60 cm  in both length and width. They  are made of silk, comfortable to wear and won’t fade. 

These scarves are a sensory toy that enhance children’s imagination and curiosity. They help in developing skills to recognize colours and enhance spatial perception.  They can be used as magic juggling scarves by playing peek-a-boo, singing and dancing, or playing dress up for a toddler. You can also insert these scarves inside wooden rings 🛒 like these:

Educational toys for children

I hope that this post has been helpful! ❤️ Please leave your comments here.

The Sakura Tree always works hard to offer you educational toys and activities that best help your baby in the developmental process.

Welcome to The Sakura Tree. I am so happy you’re here. ❤️ I am Ilaria, a holistic educator who loves children! As a life long learner, I am truly passionate about holistic education and Arts & Craft. Sharing my passions with you is my goal!

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