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Download, save and print it!
Welcome Mr Hedgehog! 🦔
A super cute craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make with autumn leaves. 🍂
Let’s start!


– A pair of scissors
– A sheet of cardstock
– PVA glue
– A glue stick
– A paint brush
– Googly eyes
– A pom pom
– Autumn leaves


1) Download and print the hedgehog printable Template.
2) Cut it out and trace it onto a sheet of cardstock. Then cut it out .
3) Choose nice autumns leaves and glue them very carefully onto the cardstock, using PVA glue and a paint brush.
4) Then glue the googly eye and the pom pom nose with the glue stick.
Have a lot of fun! ❤️

I hope you enjoy our templates

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