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Opening and closing bottles - Montessori - blog TST

Inspired by Montessori

Does your little child get frustrated when he or she can’t open bottles, jars and containers? If so, I will show you how to make an original DIY Montessori Inspired Recycled Opening and Closing Bottles Board for your toddler!😊 This activity will certainly help your child learn how to open and close any type of bottle or container.

Keeping this in mind, this is a type of Montessori Practical Life Activity that you can easily do at home. It contributes to the development of your children’s fine motor skills. Follow these simple steps and help your child thrive! ❤️


A sheet of plywood birch wood 🛒

Hot glue 🛒

– A pair of scissors

– Small plastic bottles recycled with their own caps

Dot glues 🛒


1) Cut the top part of each of the water bottles with a pair of scissors. Do it carefully.

2) Set the bottles on a piece of plywood, being sure to place the bottles the same distance from one another. 

3) Put a layer of hot glue on the borders of each bottle and press the bottle against the plywood. Keep it pressed for several seconds, so the bottle sticks to the plywood. Be careful not to press too hard or the bottle may not stick properly.

4) Apply some glue dots to the piece of plywood so you can stick it onto the floor, the child’s mat or the child’s table.
Doing so will help the board stay still and your child can safely practice how to remove and replace the lids on top of the bottles.

Skills achieved:

– Gaining confidence and practice in screwing and unscrewing bottle caps

– Encouraging and mastering fine motor skills development

– Fostering hand-eye coordination

– Building a child’s concentration 

– Strengthening wrist and hand muscles

– Enhancing problem solving in little learners

– Stimulating children’s independence

– Strengthening dexterity

– Developing your child’s pincer grip (an essential and important skill needed to learn how to hold a pen or pencil)

I recommend this Montessori Inspired Opening and Closing Activity Board for toddlers from 15 months and up. They will be able to concentrate for only a very short time. However, this is completely normal for a toddler! Even if they are not able to completely do the activity, it is not a problem. What counts is that they have practiced repeating the action of screwing and unscrewing the bottle caps.

As a result, they will eventually be able to concentrate more after practicing and eventually mastering this activity.

Moreover, this board can be used for an activity known as inserting. The child can insert objects such as pom poms, pipe cleaners, nuts, and chickpeas into bottles. Use your creativity and new material and your child will be excited and enthusiastic!

Opening and closing bottles - Montessori - blog

In addition, you can even create other types of Montessori Inspired Activity Boards by using recycled material that you have in your home. Take a look at this other post where I explain how to make another DIY Montessori Inspired Opening and Closing Activity Board, using recycled material that I have collected, while keeping in mind the small hands of our little frequent learners.

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