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Hello, everybody!

The Sakura Tree cares about you and your children. ❤️ With our weekly and monthly meal planner templates, your life will be more organized and easier. Just simply download them for FREE!

Setting up a weekly and monthly meal planner helps you to be more organized and reminds you of any items that need to be bought. If you plan your child’s weekly meals in advance, you will stop wasting your time and you will be able to offer them a diversified range of food choices that I am sure they will appreciate! 😊

This can surely help you to plan healthy meals recipes using more fresh ingredients that contributing to the maintenance of a well-balanced diet for your child.

I hope you enjoy our templates. Let me know if you liked them!

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Welcome to The Sakura Tree. I am so happy you’re here. ❤️ I am Ilaria, a holistic educator who loves children! As a life long learner, I am truly passionate about holistic education and Arts & Craft. Sharing my passions with you is my goal!

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