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A Holistic Approach to Education
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Christmas is just around the corner!!! What better way to celebrate it than by making a Penguin Christmas Craft with your children! 🐧🎄 This Christmas penguin is very easy to create and will certainly spread Christmas joy in your house! It is the perfect craft for toddlers, preschoolers and primary school children. I am sure

Maria Montessori outlined four planes of development that are consecutive stages of life, ranging from infancy to adulthood, based on her scientific observations. These planes are distinct from each other, as each of them corresponds to different types of psyches and minds, and coincides with the different stages of physical development of the human being.

The Sakura Tree will show you how to make an original DIY Montessori Inspired Recycled Opening and Closing Bottles Board for your toddler!😊 This activity will certainly help your child learn how to open and close any type of bottle or container. Keeping this in mind, this is a type of Montessori Practical Life Activity

Holistic Approach to Education
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