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Rediscovering talent as adults [Part 2])

Hello, everyone! We have come to the second part of my personal story 🙂 So, after realizing that my unhappiness came from within myself, and only from there, I started reflecting and meditating a lot during that time, analyzing my past up until then. I wanted to find a reason for my life and wanted to be useful at my job.

Yet how could I put this into practice? It was then that I remembered how happy I had been as a nanny (I had always worked as either a nanny or tutor as a second job so I could pay for my schooling).

I had truly felt useful to those children and remembered how much happiness those jobs had given me. Most of all, I realized that those jobs had come easily and naturally to me and were therefore one of my talents. Just like that, I remembered how I had wanted to study pedagogy when I was thirteen. So I told myself that the time had come to follow my talents. I enrolled at university for the second time in my life in a program called “Sciences of Social Education”. I was twenty-nine years old.

A couple of years later and I was finally an educator! That moment was followed by some of my best years: the happiness for studying that I had never felt, the discovery of holistic pedagogies, a passion for the Montessori method, and so much more. I then moved to London for love, where I currently work as an educator and continue to study and deepen my knowledge of topics related to holistic pedagogies.

What more can I say? I now have a job (actually two jobs: educator and blogger) that are part of me, and reflect my personality and my talents. There is a true happiness and a deep sense of wanting to be of service to humanity, in my own small way.

I certainly wasn’t able to express my true talents during my adolescence but I eventually ended up doing it. I am writing this so you never become discouraged. You always have to win all of the battles that you are faced with in life, because doing so, will make you a better person, more aware of yourself, others and your role in society.

Therefore we can discover our talents even as adults. When you open your heart and have a conversation with your soul, you can reinvent yourself at any moment. Yet it takes a lot of courage and determination. You have to take the risk and leave your sense of security behind. So if you have a dream and if you have a natural inclination, follow it with faith and love and it will take you far.

In order to prevent our children or students from not being satisfied in their course of study or work, it is essential that we all learn to listen to them, without judgement or projecting our aspirations on them. There should be no pressure on our infants, children or adolescents.

Let them express their talents or follow their natural inclinations, whether you personally like them or not. Let’s stop being so authoritative. Let’s give them their space so their souls can manifest themselves. Remember that we are all born with a special talent or more than one, and we were put on this earth to discover it.


Have you had similar experiences? Leave your comments here! 

Welcome to The Sakura Tree. I am so happy you’re here. ❤️ I am Ilaria, a holistic educator who loves children! As a life long learner, I am truly passionate about holistic education and Arts & Craft. Sharing my passions with you is my goal!

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