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Rediscovering talent as adults - The Sakura Tree

My life experience of rediscovering talent as adults

I didn’t see myself as a teacher during my adolescence but instead discovered my passion for it after a rather tumultuous journey. As a child, I loved reading, writing stories, playing with dolls, cooking and spending time with other children. I was very affectionate, loving and caring.

When I was thirteen years old, I told my parents that I wanted to go to pedagogical high school. I had never heard anyone speak about the field of pedagogy but my instinct told me that it was the right choice for me. My father, however, did not support my decision as the school in question was not considered prestigious enough, and the courses there were not considered serious enough.

So I was sent to a school known as a Liceo Scientifico, which concentrated on math and science classes. My professors in middle school had said that I was good in all subjects, so it was decided that the Liceo Scientifico would suit me.

That was it. The years spent at the school were full of stress and anxiety. I learned everything by rote, having a hatred towards Latin, chemistry, maths, physics. However, I still achieved good results because I had to. No one questioned the fact that the school may not have been the best choice for me. Yet the worse was still to come.

After finishing high school, I had no idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I chose to continue my studies in an area known as “Science of Tourism”, which was geared towards economics, as well as arts and languages. I found an office job. Yet anxiety and frustration continued to torment me. I changed company, which only led to even more stress and frustration. It was in that moment that I realized that I was the problem, not the school I had attended, the job, my manager, etc.

What was I doing sitting at that desk? Who was I? What were my strengths and talents?

I realized that I did not feel needed and that my place was not in an office.


Have you had similar experiences? Leave your comments here! 


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