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DIY zipper board for kids -

Here is an easy and fun DIY (do it yourself) project to do with your children to develop their fine motor skills and to stimulate their creativity. Follow these simple steps below to make your own zipper board and reach your goal! 


– Piece of cardboard

Coloured zippers 🛒

Glue for fabrics and tissue 🛒

– Pair of scissors

– Paint brush

– Pair of disposable gloves


1) Cut a rectangular piece of cardboard from a cardboard box. Then make a suitable size of the board so all the zippers can fit. Choose a range of interesting colours for the child, such as red, blue, orange, pink and white. 

2) Place all the zippers onto the cardboard, distancing them from each other 2.5 cm using a ruler. 

3) Run a length of glue on either side of the zipper with the paint brush, completely avoiding the middle area that will be separated when the zipper is opened. 

4) Stick the zippers onto the cardboard, adding other glue with the brush, if needed.

DIY zipper board for kids -

5) Press the zippers onto the cardboard very carefully, spreading the glue to the outer edges and open the zipper several times to avoid it from getting stuck.

Skills achieved with this zipper board activity:

– Mastering opening and closing objects

– Identifying colours

– Developing fine motor skills

– Improving  sensory skills

– Stimulating curiosity and imagination

 I suggest the Zipper Board activity for children who are at least 18 months old. Otherwise, the opening-closing activities for babies will be too difficult.

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NOW IT’S TIME TO DO IT! Have fun and send me your comments – and please share with your friends and followers.

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